Saturday, January 9, 2016

Union of Sin by Eden Summers

Cassie Jackson has twenty-eight days to get her husband back.  Tate and Cassie started experimenting sexually, him pushing her boundaries and introducing her to new things.  On a trip, they decided to go to a sex club and Cassie was almost assaulted.  Tate will do anything to keep his wife safe.  He moved out of the bedroom then their house, now he has served her with divorce papers.  Only, Cassie doesn't want the divorce and will do anything to keep Tate.

This is the second in the "Vault of Sin" series.  It had a different spin because Tate and Cassie were already married and Tate loved Cassie.  I liked the rebuilding of the relationship and how Cassie won't give up on Tate.  While the focus of this novel is on Tate and Cassie, Shay and Leo also play a part along with Brute.

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