Sunday, November 20, 2016

One Summer of Surrender by Jess Michaels

Lucien, the Earl of Stenfax had his heart broken by his childhood sweetheart, Elise.  She sent him a letter throwing him over for a Duke with more money.  Elise is now widowed and Lucien finds that he is still drawn to her.

Elise is left without any money due to her husband's will.  She is desperate and is seeking to become a mistress.  Lucien keeps appearing while she is discretely interviewing prospective providers throwing fuel on the flames of their desire.

After Lucien finally learns why Elise left him, will he take her back and salvage their love.

This is the third book in the "Seasons" series.  I will admit that I didn't read the first two (taking care of that!) and found that it was great as a stand alone.  It was a quick read that I was immediately hooked into.  I loved the twist with Kirkford and hopes this spills over into another series.  Jess Michaels is one of the great erotic historical writers.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book provided by NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you.

Water of Life by Jennifer Bramseth

Judge Cara Forrest was left widowed after her husband died in an accident.  She has locked her heart away and is overprotective of her young son.  Drake Mercer is a lawyer that frequents Cara's courtroom.  He has decided that he wants Cara as his own.

Cara gets the opportunity to sit on a higher court, but her relationship with Drake is drug through scrutiny due to an over zealous competitor.

Will the love that was just beginning to blossom be able to stay strong?

This is the last in the Bourbon Springs series.  I have been waiting for Cara's story since her husband was killed during the ice storm.  Cara was such a strong character.  I loved that Drake got his HEA with her and Nate.  I like how while Cara and Drake are the main characters, the characters from the other books are involved.  This has to be one of my favorites in this series.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Freakn' Out (Freakn' Shifters, #7) by Eve Langlais

Derrick's unit was ambushed and he got hit by shrapnel to his lower back.  He was taken to the rebel camp where the wound got worse and he was tortured.  When he was drug to civilization and sent to a rehab center, he was sent a new psychiatrist

Derrick discovers that not only isn't Janine not afraid of him and his wolf, she is his mate!  Janine has to maintain a professional relationship with Derrick while fighting the attraction to him.

This has to be my favorite in the Freakn' Shifter series.  It was a raw, emotional journey to read this book, yet, there is the normal Eve Langlais humor threaded throughout.  I couldn't put the book down and I didn't want it to end.  It was amazing.

How to Impress a Marquess by Susanna Ives

Sad to say that this ended on the DNF section.  I just could not gain interest in this book.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher.

The Lord's Persuasion of Lady Lydia by Raven McAllan

Lord Birnham's heir has declared that he is going to marry Lady Lydia Field.  That has Harry, Lord Birnham curious as to why Jeremy is so insistent upon marrying a wallflower.  Once Harry meets Lydia, he discovers that there is more to this wallflower than what meets the eye.  As Harry is a notorious rake, he has determined that he is going to be the one that marries Lydia.

It was a nice read.  I liked the characters and found the plot to be fun.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book provided by NetGalley and the publisher. Thank you.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Whiskey Eyes by Mari Carr

Macie Sparks has watched several of her Sparks cousins find their HEA's and is wondering when it is her turn of if that ship has sailed  As the bartender for the family restaurant, she has the gift of gab and loves the sound of her own voice

Shortly after Hank Cooper's wife died, he started coming to eat dinner at Sparks Barbeque.  Hank came to escape the loneliness and kept coming back because of Macie's stories and jokes.  When Hank decides that he may have been lucky to find two loves in his life, he isn't going to let Macie run from the attraction that they share.

I am a huge fan of Mari Carr's and this book is absolutely wonderful.  I have loved each book in the Sparks in Texas series.  If Macie didn't want Hank, I sure did.  He is the best book boyfriend ever.  This book absolutely sizzled in my e-reader.  I hate that they are so short and wanted more of Hank.

Veiled in Blue by Lynne Connolly

This is one of those books that you start reading and don't want to put down.  

Eve Merton and her mother are struggling after her father died.  She has attempted to find work as a governess and is back living with her mother.  She is walking home when she hurts herself.  A handsome stranger gives her a ride home on her horse  Julius Vernon makes no secret that he is attracted to her and extends his stay in her village.

Julius is determined to have Eve for himself once he realizes that another man in the village is going to propose.  After they marry, Eve discovers that Julius is the Earl of Winterton, heir to a Duke, she is upset.  She soon discovers that Julius was well aware of her secret - that she is the daughter of the Old Pretender.  However, others are also seeking her and her life is in danger.  Can Julius keep her safe as they grow closer and fall deeper in love.

I absolutely loved Eve and Julius.  Eve was such an elegant, sweet character that I was fully engaged in her story.  Julius was an honorable character that falls in love with Eve.  There is intrigue in the sub-plot that kept me on the edge of my seat.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book provided by NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you!

Hero in the Highlands by Suzanne Enoch

Major Gabriel Forrester is a soldier to the bone  He's daring and ferocious.  After a battle, Gabriel finds out that his great-uncle has died and he is the heir to a Dukedom.  The new Duke of Lattimer heads to his estate in the Scottish Highlands.  He discovers his steward is either dead or fled the Highlands and his sister, Fiona Blackstock is the replacement.  Fiona hates the English and the new Duke is no exception  Gabriel and Fiona enter a battle of wills that Gabriel is determined to win.

I enjoyed this novel and the characters.  Fiona was a great heroine to Gabriel's hero.  I loved the passion in this novel.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you.

The Governess Was Wanton by Julia Kelly

Mary Woodward is a veteran governess that specializes in guiding young debutantes through their firs season and assisting in finding them a good match.  After her last debutante got engaged, Mary moved on as the governess of Lady Eleanora.  There is an attraction between Mary and Eric, the Earl of Aston.  One of Mary's rules is she doesn't fall for her charge's fathers and Eric doesn't sleep with his staff.  Mary attends a masked ball and ends up in Eric's arms.  What will happen when the masks come off.

This is the second book in this series.  I liked the Cinderella theme.  The characters were fun and this was a good novella.

 I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel thanks to NetGalley and the publisher.