Friday, November 4, 2016

Whiskey Eyes by Mari Carr

Macie Sparks has watched several of her Sparks cousins find their HEA's and is wondering when it is her turn of if that ship has sailed  As the bartender for the family restaurant, she has the gift of gab and loves the sound of her own voice

Shortly after Hank Cooper's wife died, he started coming to eat dinner at Sparks Barbeque.  Hank came to escape the loneliness and kept coming back because of Macie's stories and jokes.  When Hank decides that he may have been lucky to find two loves in his life, he isn't going to let Macie run from the attraction that they share.

I am a huge fan of Mari Carr's and this book is absolutely wonderful.  I have loved each book in the Sparks in Texas series.  If Macie didn't want Hank, I sure did.  He is the best book boyfriend ever.  This book absolutely sizzled in my e-reader.  I hate that they are so short and wanted more of Hank.

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