Monday, October 24, 2016

My Brown-Eyed Earl by Anna Bennett

William Ryder, Earl of Castelton is desperate.  He has broken ties with his mistress when she wanted to be his Countess and his mother is throwing an eligible young lady at him.  His cousin died and his mistress dumped their twins in his care.  Will finds himself in need of a governess.

Margaret Lacey was the daughter of the local vicar when her parents announced that she was going to be engaged to Will.  At fifteen, Meg didn't want to be matched to a man that looked at her in dread so she refused him.

Penniless, Meg needs to find employment to help save her Uncle and sisters from the poor house.  A friend tells her about the governess position that Will has.  Meg convinces Will to hire her but neither of them expect that they will find true happiness.

I did not want this book to end!  I immediately liked Meg and found the twins adorable.  Will had his work cut out for himself once he realized that he wanted Meg in a different position than governess.  This was a wonderful book.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book thanks to NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It Must be Christmas by by Jennifer Crusie, Mandy Baxter, Donna Alward

I normally am not a fan of anthologies.  This book is why.  I read "Hot Toy" by Jennifer Cruise.  The book was so confusing.  I ended up with a headache trying to figure out what was happening.  I skipped around to the last book and thought it sounded familiar.  I had already read it.

All three of these books have already been published.  How many different ways can one novella be repackaged into a different anthology?!  This is the third anthology that I have read that has been repackaging of other anthologies.  "OH, let's put these three together for this "new" anthology".  Biggest pet peeve EVER.

The Governess Was Wicked by Julia Kelly

Elizabeth Porter became a governess after the death of her father.   After she paid off his gambling debts, she needed a position and found one as the governess for two boisterous girls.  When the girls get a new baby brother, they start falling ill and needing the doctor.  The more charming Dr. Edward Fellows visits the home, the more he finds himself attracted to Elizabeth.  Can they fight their desire?

I enjoyed this Regency.  It was fast paced and the characters were fun.  It was a quick read.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book provided by NetGalley and the Publisher.  Thank you.

When a Marquess Chooses a Bride by Ella Quinn

I disliked Dominic at the beginning of the novel and kept wondering if he truly was the hero.  He didn't like Dotty's name and called her Thea.  He was just too stuffy for Dotty.  But, as the novel progressed, I understood why Dominic was the way he was and hurt for the boy he was.  At the end of the novel, I adored him.

This was a fantastic read.  I loved the family and friendship the characters shared.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Legal Wolf's Mate by Eve Langlais

The novel started out with Broderick (from "Catch a Tiger by the Tail" ) convincing his lawyer friend, Gavin to take Megan's murder case.  Megan is somehow being framed for murder by the wolf that created Gavin, Fabian Garoux.

Fabian didn't give Gavin a choice in becoming a wolf.  Fabian wanted his own lawyer for his "organization".  Having Brody tell Gavin that Fabian was framing Megan was the guarantee that Gavin would take the case.  Gavin did not want to become a wolf and wants nothing to do with Fabian.

The last thing Megan remembered before waking up to the police in her apartment telling her she murdered her boss was wanting to eat Thai food and chill.  Now, she is being accused of murder and it all goes back to Fabian Garoux.

So, the story is moving along great, loved the snark.  Then, for me, it jumped the shark and went over the edge.  I was not a fan of the Shifter meets Soprano twist.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book provided by NetGalley and the publisher.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wild by Eve Langlais, Kate Douglas and A.C. Arthur

I received this ARC from the publisher and NetGalley.  I jumped at the chance to read it because Eve Langlais is one of my favorite "shifter" authors.

I loved "Catch a Tiger by the Tail".  There is nothing like a hot geeky guy.  Brody was just purfect for Lulu.  Along with the plot twists, there was humor.  It was a good, quick read.  Eve Langlais writes my favorite escapism shifter novels.  Another awesome novella.

I first read as an ARC then bought the other two titles in this book. They were two different styles that I enjoyed reading (and have re-read them several times.)  I posted the reviews below.

Feral Passions by Kate Douglas

Cherry's sister Christa and her BFF Stephanie convince Cherry to go on a week vacation to a resort named Feral Passions.  The resort only books six spots and only for women per week.  It is also a preserve for wolves.  Traker Jakes and his pack have opened Feral Passions to find their mates.  When Cherry's group arrives, Brad and Cain are immediately attracted to Cherry.  Cherry has had one experience with a boy in high school who was using her to get a good grade in a math class.  After he posted pictures on the internet, she does not trust men.  She starts to trust Brad and Cain while noticing that the wolves that hang out with her, and have their same eye color, are never around when Brad and Cain are with her.

I enjoyed this novel.  The sex scenes were hot and part of the ending was unexpected.  I like that it was a group of characters that got their HEA   I am hoping that this is the first in a series.

The Alpha's Mate by A. C. Arthur

So, I am revising my review.  When I first read the book, I was relatively new to shifter novels and found this one was way different.  I decided to go back and read it.  And, was I blown away.

There isn't a cookie cutter mold for shifter novels.  Every author has a different take.  I love the spin off of Greek mythology and the different types of shifter packs.  I love how the characters have more of an edge.  Kira was an awesome, strong alpha female.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book provided by NetGalley and the publisher.