Monday, January 4, 2016

The Sheikh's Secret Bride by Leslie North

Sheikh Nassir Adjalane has been told by the board of Adjalane Oil that after his recent public debacles that he needed to find a bride and they suggested an American bride. Within the next thirty days and make amends with the Sharqui family. Nassir attends Amare Sharqui and is intrigued by wedding planner Janna Davis. Two weeks later, Nassir has summoned Janna to plan his wedding. Little does Jenna know that she is the bride. Jenna needs the money from this even to help support her family, but finds it hard to plan a wedding when the bride is never around. As she plans the wedding, the independent woman starts to fall for the man known as the Heartless Sheik. What will she do when she finds out that the wedding she has been planning is her own?

I am a huge fan of Leslie North's.  Her books are always sexy without being over the top.  They are connected, but can stand on there own.  I fell in love with Nassir when he told Janna "We only met recently, but I'm positive she is the one.  The woman I wish to marry."  I wanted to BE the wedding planner.  There was part of me that was yelling at Janna "why don't you ask him who his bride is?"  She never questioned where the mysterious bride was or even suspected.

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