Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Tycoon's Captured Heart

Grayson Brooks has known Scarlett Evans since she was five and he was fifteen.  She had loved Grayson since she was a teenager and as she grew into a woman, he fell in love with her.  As the years passed, every time she wanted to tell him how she felt, he had a new woman on his arm.  When her beloved Uncle died, Grayson finally took a chance and seduced Scarlett.  The next day, he is cold.  Scarlett asks him to help teach her how to attract a man.  Grayson finally admits to himself that he loves Scarlett, but after how he left her, can he win her love?

Grayson and Scarlett finally got their HEA!  It was a great short story.  I have been waiting for Grayson's story since I read the introduction to the series.  The only thing I wish was there was more of a backstory for Grayson.  There is a novella at the end of the book that wraps up the series quite nicely.

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