Wednesday, January 20, 2016

An Affair in Autumn (A Year Without a Duke, Book 4) by Jenifer Haymore

The year is 1816. The Duke of Beckworth has died without a direct heir. As the solicitors attempt to find the next Duke, what happens with the people that depend on Beckworth for their livelihood? There are five books in this series, each written by a different author.

Lord Markus Hawkins needs to find his childhood best friend who he lost track of after an argument revolving around Caro. Caroline Addison, Lady Whytestone is shocked when Mark visits her to find out where Nathaniel Hughes is and why Mark needs to find Nate. She has been a widow for a year and is delighting on giving away the money left to her by the husband she didn't want. Caroline insists on going with Mark on the trip to America and Mark refuses to let her go. Mark boards the schooner that will take him to New York only to find that Caroline is already on board. During the trip to New York, Mark learns more about what happened when they were seventeen and his desire for Caroline only deepens as the journey progresses. Will Mark and Caroline be able to resolve their differences and find a new start?

A Year Without a Duke been an amazing series. Short novellas that pack an emotional punch. This one did not disappoint. This is a tie-in to the author's "House of Trent" series.  Mark is the younger brother of the Duke of Trent.  Caroline is protecting her broken heart from the man she loved when she was seventeen and forced into marriage with a much older man. Mark believes that Caroline was only after the title and money. He still believes that Caroline loved Nathan and doesn't want to betray his best friend. I loved the passion in this novella. I have read all four in the series, and this one is the hottest.  The characters were wonderful. While it is short, it packs a punch.

I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!

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