Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Shot of Sin by Eden Summers

Shay Porter is the bar manager for the Taste of Sin restaurant and the Shot of Sin dance club.  She has had on-going flirtation with one of the owners, Leo Petrova.  Leo refuses to take things further because Shay is no match for what he craves sexually.  When the bar downstairs, Vault of Sin, is short a bartender, the only replacement is Shay.  Leo fights his partners knowing he can't expose Shay to the place where he doesn't hold back.

Shay has been aware of the mysterious club underneath the restaurant and bar where she works.   When she finds out what goes on in the club and how involved Leo is, will she be able to step out of her comfort zone and risk everything for Leo.

Ok, so "A Shot of Sin" is the first in a series about three guys that run a sex club.  That said, the book isn't about sex.  There is relationship development between Shay and Leo.  It is about Shay stepping out of her comfort zone and Leo being willing to meet her part way.  While the focus of this novel is on Shay and Leo, Brute and T. J. play an active role.  I loved the quality of the writing in this novel.

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