Monday, October 21, 2013

When Harry Met Molly by Kierian Kramer

The title is catchy, but somewhat inaccurate.  Lord Harry Traemore has known Lady Mary "Molly" Fairbanks since birth.  Harry is the second son of a Duke.  His older brother and Molly's older sister marry when Molly is 13.  Molly had a crush on Harry's brother and at a Christmas dinner prior to the marriage Molly recites a poem accusing Harry of kissing her sister (using other names, of course).  Chaos ensues.  The Duke sends Harry off to the army (where he ends up in disgrace over an officer's wife) and Molly is sent to the finishing school from hell.  Fast forward many years.  Poor Molly has been her aunt's companion and never had a season.  She is eloping to Gretna Green with her father's assistant when Harry and his mistress enter the inn where they are eating.  Harry is on the way to host a week long party at his hinting box for Prinny's Impossible Bachelors.  They are having a mistress contest where the Bachelor whose mistress wins doesn't have to get married and can not have match making mama's throw their daughters at them for a year.  The looser has to marry the woman their club chooses.  Molly's fiancée runs away with Harry's mistress and Harry needs a replacement.  He convinces Molly to be his pretend mistress.  If Molly wins, Harry will find her a husband.  In this book we meet the other "Impossible Bachelors".

This is the first book in a series of three.  I had read "Dukes to The Left, Princes to The Right" (book 2) and "Cloudy With a Chance of Marriage" (book 3) previously.  Of the three, "When Harry Met Molly" is my favorite.  Molly's adventures as a fake mistress are funny and heart warming.   I give it five out of five stars.

In my opinion, it was the best of the three books.  Each book can be read on its own (as I read the second one first because my library does a bad job linking series.). The third book was just blah and I couldn't finish it.   I have re read "Dukes" several times and still like it.  I may go back and give "Cloudy" another chance now.

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