Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Merry Widow by Koko Brown

Phillipa Jones is quite an unusual Victorian woman.  She actually liked sex with her husband and didn't have to "lie back and think of England".  She had helped her husband run their shipping company and has been running it in the three years since his death.  Reginald, Viscount Bellomont is pestering Phillipa to sell the shipping company.  (Should I mention that Reggie is known as the "Viscount of Equine"?)  Poor Phillipa (who did enjoy the marriage bed) is lonely so she has arranged via a Madam for a young man to visit her at her house.  (Can you see what is next?)  Reggie knocks on the horny Widow Jones's door before her hired lover does.  Her staff assumes that Reggie is the young stud and sends him to Phillipa's room.  Reggie does what any red blooded male would do. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wish it was longer.  Since this is Koko Brown's first Victorian Erotic Romance, I hope she revises it and adds a lot more length to it.  Some things are too good to be this short!

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