Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Pirate Lady by Lynsay Sands

I wanted to read something light and with humor.   The Pirate Lady by Lynsay Sands fit the bill.  The plot was outlandish and quite fun.

Valoree Ainsley has been raised by her brother, Jeremy, on his privateer ship.  Jeremy was a privateer so he could get enough money to repair their family estate that their guardian had destroyed.  (It was odd that Valoree says they liked their guardian and the guardian had cared for them, but the guardian did everything in his power to take everything of value and strip the land because it was his right as their guardian.). When Jeremy was killed by a Spanish pirate, Valoree took over his mission.  Unfortunately, when he was killed, he had taken a small crew to meet with he King's agent to give him the King's share.  The other members didn't know who the agent was, so each time they captured a pirate ship, they put the King's portion aside.  Valoree, seen covered in her brothers blood was taken by one of the pirates in the ship they just captured as a ghost and was called Back From The Dead Red.  Fast-forward several years.   Now, Valoree has the money to repair her estate and is going to meet with her brother's lawyer.  Lord Daniel Thurborne is already in the lawyers office when Valoree gets there for her appointment.  (The scene prior when Valoree and her crew go to the dressmaker is hilarious!   It introduces us to  "Aunt" Meg that everyone assumes is a drunken former prostitute, but has a much bigger back story.)

At the lawyers office Valoree discovers she has something in common with the annoying Lord Daniel.   She must be married and pregnant or have had a baby by age twenty five.  AND, her husband must be of noble birth.   As Valoree tells the lawyer, that is in less than nine months!

The remainder of the book is the adventures and mishaps of the courtship of Valoree and Daniel.  It was a comedy of errors and had me laughing throughout the book.  I loved Valoree's loyal pirate crew.

This book rates 4.5

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