Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Seduction of Lady Phoebe by Ella Quinn

At this time B&N has this book available for free.  I would have paid for this book.  I always like finding new authors and was delighted with Ella Quinn.

Lord Marcus was a wild 20 year old man that was being sent to Jamaica to supervise his family's plantation due to being quite wild.  At the last house party he attended, he met Lady Phoebe and instantly fell in love.  He made an ass out of himself by getting drunk and attempting to propose to her.  Marcus got a well deserved right hook to the nose and was knocked to the floor by Phoebe.  Fast forward eight years.  Phoebe has refused any of her suitors and hasn't forgiven poor Marcus.  The remainder of the story is how Marcus got Phoebe to forgive him as he is still madly in love with her and has totally reformed his character to be worthy of her.

I would give this book five stars except for the Phoebe's creepy stalker.  I felt the plot could have done without him.  I give this book four stars.

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