Monday, January 23, 2017

An Indecent Affair by Stephanie Julian

Katrina Riley has been emotional abused by her cold, controlling mother since she was a teen.  Tristan Donovan was two years ahead of her in high school and lusted after her since then.  He has been waiting for Kat for years, knowing she is the perfect woman for himself and his best friend Adam.  Tristan's timing couldn't be better.  Kat's mother is determined to push her toward Tristan's smarmy brother.  Kat is finally ready to break free of her mother and move to Philadelphia to open the law practice she wants to pursue.   Are Tristan and Adam able to break through the walls Kat has built around herself?

The emotion in this novel!  I just wanted to slap the stuffing out of Kat's mom.  I loved how supportive Tristan was and how he never let Kat go.  Adam was the sexy bad boy that came to love Kat just as much as Tristan.  Another Stephanie Julian novel burned up my ereader.

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