Friday, March 6, 2015

Undesired Lust (Reckless Beat #3) by Eden Summers

Two years ago, Sidney Higgins and two of the members of Reckless Beat, Mason Lynch and Sean Taiden had a wild encounter in a hotel room.  Mason vidoed it with his phone, then his apartment got broken into and the phone stolen.  When the video was uploaded to the internet, Sidney is the one that lost everything.  The record deal that she was about to sign was pulled.  People wouldn't record with her.  Now, two years later, Reckless Beat's manager, Leah, arranges for Sidney to write again with Mason.  However, this time, there is a crazy stalker trying to get at Sidney.

I read this book in a binge of the four (including 2.5) Reckless Beat books.  Each one maintains the same quality.  The characters are great.  There is a dynamic between the members of the band.  They are sarcastic yet still are friends.  I liked the story between Sidney and Mason.  It was great to see that the mighty Mason finally met his match.

The heat level in the book is intense (I thought my iPad was going to melt) but at the same time it isn't constant.  There is a true plot to the book and it just doesn't revolve around how many times the characters can have sex.  It is very taste full.

Again, another great book.

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