Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blind Attraction by Eden Summers

Alana Shelton had lead an extremely sheltered life.  She grew up in Colorado at a sanctuary for abused women and was home schooled.  She was with a friend she had known from when her mother lived in Richmond.  The friend, Kate, had won tickets to Reckless Beat's album launch concert.  Alana drew the attention of Mitchell Davies, lead guitar.  He arranges for a security guard to tell Alana that he wanted to meet her after the concert.  When the security guard is fired, the connection almost isn't made.  But, Mitch finds her as she is leaving the hotel and takes Alana and Kate to his suite.  That is when they encounter the security guard that causes an accident that leaves Kate temporarily blinded.  Mitch devotes himself to Alana because he feels guilty about the accident.

I subscribe to BookBub and this was one of the books listed in one of my daily emails.  Since it was free, I took a chance.  It was a 50/50 that the book was written in first person.  When I started reading, I was pleasantly surprised.  Then I was hooked.  I loved the bond between the members of the band.  The naughty banter was hilarious.  I also fell in love with the members of the band.  I almost wished I was young enough to be a groupie!  The only part of the story line that bothered me was how Alana meets her grandparents and later father.

Once I started reading the book, I could not put it down.  And after I finished reading, I immediately bought the others.

I give this five out of five stars.

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