Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Highlander's Passion by Vonnie Davis

Kenzie Denune and Bryce Matheson had been friends from Kindergarten into High School.  When Bryce met Miranda, he cast Kenzie aside because of Miranda's jealousy. Years later, Bryce is a single dad because Miranda died after the birth of their daughter.  He is still feeling guilty for Miranda's death when he has a torrid affair with Kenzie.  When Bryce breaks it off, Kenzie is devastated and soon after married Duncan.  Duncan turns out to be an abusive husband.  He beats Kenzie in a jealous rage causing her to lose her baby.  When Duncan is killed, Kenzie is finally free and Bryce is determined to win her love.  Bryce has always known he is a bear-shifter but Kenzie is just learning that she is a witch.  There are mysterious forces from the past she is unaware of that may prevent her from reaching her happy ever after.

I have been waiting for this book since I read the first in the series, "A Highlander's Obsession".   As soon as I got this as an ARC, I put down the book I was reading and didn't stop reading until I was done.

I loved that this book was a part of a series, yet somebody that didn't read the first book could pick this one up and read it.  I was thrilled to see how one of my favorite characters, Effie, is given new depth as a mentor to Kenzie.  Between the emotional baggage left between Kenzie and Bryce that needs to be resolved and Kenzie's past, the novel is more emotional and complex than the first novel.  It was nice to see favorite characters from the first novel.

As much as I liked the novel, I felt that the last chapter was too rushed.  So the bad guy was vanquished and now what happens? There was a nice description of the wedding preparation but when it came to the wedding, it just seemed like it was shoved together.  And Bryce's daughter Colleen.  She was way over the top and so cutsie it was annoying.  It wasn't funny when she found her Uncle Ronan's "dirty magazines".  But to let her cutsie speech as the Cheery Greeter at Matheson Lodge go on and resolve/disclose things was just nauseating.  The one thing that can spoil a great book is when kids are written poorly and Colleen is coming close.

There one thing that bugged me was the usage of the word "fer" instead of "for".  I understand the characters are Scottish.  There will be dialect.  When it occurs at times when the characters aren't speaking, it is annoying.  It was so bad I could have made a drinking game out of it.

All in all, I loved the book and was glad I received an ARC!

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!

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