Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Barely a Lady by Eileen Dreyer

Olivia Grace has been abandoned and disgraced by the man she loved, Jack, the Earl of Gracechurch.  She is living with Kate Seaton, the Dowager Duchess of Murther in Belgium.  Olivia has gone with a friend to help her find her father after the battle is over when Olivia finds Jack and he is wearing a French uniform.  Not wanting him to be caught as a traitor, Olivia strips him and brings him back to Kate's house.  Jack has absentia and thinks he is still married to Olivia.  He can't remember where he is and how he got there.  Under recommendations from a doctor, Olivia lets Jack continue thinking he is still married to her.  At the same time, she must escape notice of Jack's cousin.

As the story progresses, Jack starts to figure out that he was betrayed by the people closest to him and the one hurt was Olivia.

This was a great read because it wasn't the typical romance.  The main characters had already been married.  I loved the story from the beginning to the end.

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