Monday, January 6, 2014

Scandalousy Yours by Cara Elliott

Scandalously Yours was a great way to start this trilogy of books about some very uncommon and unconventional heroines. 

Olivia Sloan is the daughter of Baron Trumbull who was an explorer and shared his unusual views on how woman should be raised with his daughters.  Perhaps that is why she is known as the Hellion of High Street.  Olivia secretly writes essays for the Morning Gazette as "the Beacon".  She is hiding from her mother who wants her to dance at the ball (why bother, she had no dowry) by hiding in a small study.

John, the Earl of Wrexham needs to find a wife but escapes into a small study to hide from the match making mama's.  Wrexham is a multilayered character.  He is a former military officer and veteran of the Peninsular War and wants to make a stand in Parliament for Veteran's rights. 

Wrexham's young son, Prescott, does not like the woman his father is courting.  He and his friend Lucy have nicknamed her the Steel Corset.  Prescott has found a way to find a new mom he wants.  He sends a letter to a newspaper advertising for a new mom and when he gets a lot of responses, the one he picks is Lady Loose Screw.

I liked getting a glimpse of Olivia's sisters (each sister will have her own book) and their strong character.  I can't wait to read the next two and see what happens with Wrexham and Olivia.

I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher, Forever (Grand Central Publishing), in exchange for an honest review.

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