Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bared to You by Sylvia Day

I read the reviews for “Bared to you” and was somewhat apprehensive to read it.  I absolutely hated “50 Shades of Gray” and normally don’t read books written it the first person.  I have also read the “Georgian” series and loved them, so I decided to take my chances with “Bared to You”.
Honestly, after reading this book, I don’t know what to think.  Reading it was like a roller-coaster.  There were parts that I liked (which is why I kept reading) and parts that I wanted to reach in the book and slap somebody.  And it was EVERY character from Eva and Gideon to Eva’s uber helicopter parent mom, Eva’s narcissistic bi-sexual BFF roommate, Cary and Gideon’s stalker Magdalene.
Eva is seriously emotionally damaged to sexual abuse.  If possible, Gideon is even more damaged than her.  Eva discloses her abuse to Gideon but Gideon never tells her what happened to him.  Several times, he wakes up in a nightmare.  Once, she wakes up and finds him “masturbating with shocking viciousness”.  Another time, he almost rapes her in his sleep.  He even hints at it when discussing an ex- girlfriend and calling her his “first consensual sexual experience”.

Did I mention that Gideon owns EVERTHING?  He owns the building Eva works in, her apartment building, a night club, the gym he takes her to work out in and majority share in a record label.  He even owns a vehicle that isn’t even for sale yet!  This book was written in 2012 and all through the book is “we got into the black Bentley SUV”.  Kind of impossible since Bentley’s web site says that the SUV will go on sale in 2016. (The editor and proofreader should have caught that.)

Eva’s BFF bi-sexual roommate is so overblown.  He a male model and is the only one that can do Eva’s hair.  When he doesn’t do it, she just pulls it back into a pony table.  Cary has a boyfriend and a girl he “just fucks” on the side.  When the boyfriend finds out, he stalks out on Cary.  Later, in the book there is a totally unnecessary ménage a quatre scene. Another time where Eva almost gets attacked by a participant that is high and Gideon comes to her rescue.
For all of the comparisons to “Fifty”, there is ZERO domination in this book.  It isn’t until Chapter 17 when Gideon starts with “you are a submissive”.   When I read that, I was thinking that at that point, it was kind of out of left field and too late in the book to introduce it. 
After all that, I will read the next book because I want to find out what happened with Gideon.   

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