Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Midsummer Bride by Amanda Forester

I will admit that I didn't like the first book in this series and put it down half way.  I was hesitant to read this one because I didn't like the description on GoodReads.  So, when I saw it in my library's e-book collection, I took a chance and was glad I did! 

Harriet Redgrave is an American traveling by ship to New York to meet her parents.  Her dad is a Captain that served in the Revolution and her mother is the daughter of an Earl that was disowned when she eloped with the American Captain.  Harriet's ship was captured by an English warship so they could impress the sailors.  Harriet stands up for he crew and the captain of the English ship discovers that she is the granddaughter of the Earl of Langley.  The captain takes her to England and her grandfather's house.

Once Harriet is in England, her grandfather realizes the mistake he made years ago in disowning his daughter and seeks to make things right by finding a husband for Harriet. 

Her grandfather seeks the help of his lost love, the Dowager Duchess of Marchford in having the matchmaker of the Ton, Madam X, find an acceptable husband for Harriet.  They attend a house party given by Duncan Machlachlan, Earl of Thornton.  Duncan and his friend the Duke of Marchford are attempting to find the French spy in their agency.

What follows is a story of true romance.  Duncan doesn't want to marry a girl with a huge dowry because that is what his father did and he was miserable.  He is drawn to Harriet, but she has too much money.  His mother has a nasty gambling habit and owes money to General Crawley (who wants Duncan to marry his nasty daughter Priscilla).

I did not put this book down until the end.  The next book is about the Duke of Marchford and his grandmother's companion, Penelope.  I can't wait!

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