Tuesday, December 24, 2013

His to Possess by Opal Carew #2 The Morning After

This is the second part of the serial novel "His to Possess" by Opal Carew.

Part two opens with Jessica discovering the job she has been offered is to Dane Ranier, the man she had a one night stand with and left her hotel room before he woke up.  Jessica needs this job.  She can't go back to her small town because there isn't any jobs there.  Her musician boyfriend Storm dumped her to go on the road with his band.  There is something about the guy she had the one night stand (and now her new boss) of her boyfriend Storm.

In this chapter we find out more about Melanie, the woman who Dane Ranier used to recruit Jessica for his company.  Melanie needs a roommate and offers the spot to Jessica.  Melanie has a huge crush on her former boss, Rafe Ranier, Dane's younger brother.

Jessica has to figure out what she wants from Dane.  She decides she just wants the hot sex with a splash of submission.  This isn't full D/s, but Dane has a dominant side.

The sex scenes are so smoking hot that my poor e-reader almost melted!  The not thing that bothered me was the lack of safe sex.

Again five out of five stars.

I received this chapter as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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