Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Wicked Pursuit - Isabella Bradford

What a way to discover that the lady you thought you wanted to marry was shallow!  Charles Fitzroy, the fourth Earl of Hargrave or Harry to friends and family has been dancing attendance on the beautiful Honorable Miss Julia Wetherby throughout the Season in London.  Miss Julia decides to play coy and goes to her father's country home in Norfolk.  As soon as she leaves London, Lord Harry, who is the son of a Duke, decides she is the one that he wants to be his Countess and goes after her.  When he arrives, her father is having a hunt dinner and he can't get her attention.  Poor Harry, you failed to see the hints that Julia's brother threw at you.  Julia is very shallow and will not make you happy.  Harry is intent on getting her alone so he can propose to her.  Julia suggests they go for a ride the next day.  When they go to the stables, Harry is given her father's brute of a horse to ride.  Two grooms are having to lead him out.  Again, Harry, pay attention!  Don't be a fool and ask for a different horse.  Oops, you didn't!   And Miss Wetherby is playing the tease and riding out ahead of you.  Miss Wetherby proves herself an idiot by jumping out in front of Harry's mound causing the horse to bolt and throw Harry.  Miss Wetherby can't take responsibility for her actions and runs to get her sister Augusta or Gus.  Augusta is everything Her half-sister Julia isn't.  Smart, caring and attentive to the severely injured Harry.  She is at Harry's side during his recovery.  Harry slowly learns the lesson that beauty is only skin deep and it is the character of the soul that is important.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly.  Having the sister that was plainer get the attention and undying love of Harry was great.  I wanted to reach into the book and grab Julia several times.  Harry made the best choice in Gus.

Five out of Five stars

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you!

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