Sunday, February 5, 2017

Return to Flacon Ridge by D. L. Roan

Jonah McLendon has a perfect life.  He has a mom and three dads that love him along with a close-knit family.  His high school girlfriend has told him about her desire for a menage.  Jonah is comfortable in polyandry, he just didn't think he would fall for his best friend, Pryce.

When Chloe's brothers discover their secret, Jonah is beaten until he almost dies and Pryce is shipped off to a religious boarding school.  After he is healed, Jonah tells his family the biggest lie of his life and runs as far as he can get from Falcon Ridge.

A year and a half later, Jonah returns home only to find that Chloe is engaged to Pryce.  After what he believes is her betrayal, Jonah is determined to break up Pryce and Chloe.  Once the truth is revealed, it will change their lives.

I was taken on an emotional ride by this book with the evolution of the relationship between Jonah, Pryce, and Chloe.  There were a lot of hurdles that Jonah had to clear to reestablish his relationship with Pryce.  Pryce has a lot of walls that he has erected after living with his parents to keep his heart safe.

I love the characters in this series.   As a reader, there is an emotional investment in the characters in this series.  They aren't one-dimensional.  That is what makes this series great.  That said, the one thing that I didn't like was Cade and Daniel.  They just got their HEA and Cade has a year or less to live?  NOT FAIR!

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