Sunday, February 12, 2017

Profited by Lacey Black

Reid Hunter had graduated from UNLV with a degree in business management.  He has spent the summer backpacking and is a two-day country music festival with friends.  This is the weekend before he starts working at his family casino.  Dani has just been dumped by her boyfriend who used her as a way to get to the festival.  When Reid meets Dani, the attraction is instantaneous.  Dani ends up in Reid's tent and almost burn it up.  In the morning, Dani is gone.

Eight years later, Dani Whitley and her family have moved to Las Vegas after her father's job transferred him there.  With the help of her family, Dani graduated college and started teaching while raising a young son.  Her son Ryan is going to be eight and he is starting to get curious about his father.  Dani sees a picture of Reid in the paper and works up the courage to visit him after school.

Reid is absolutely blindsided by seeing Dani again and doesn't react well.  He tracks her down several days later and the sparks fly.  The bonus is he has a wonderful son.

There were things that I liked about the book.  I liked Dani, Ryan and her family.  I liked how the book was fast paced and had a well developed story line.  I loved the connection between Dani and Reid.  And what a great father Reid turned out to be.

I wasn't a big fan of Ryan in the beginning.  It took a while for me to warm up to him.  I also would have loved to known the back story about the family casino. Did I miss something?  Ryan went from starting to work for his family in the prologue to having bought out the family business and destroying his father.  What happened?  I also want' a fan of the "you have to marry  my daughter to get to buy my business and it's in the contract."  That could have been done differently.

This is one of my favorite tropes.  I will be buying the other books in the series.  

(Oh, and the guy on the cover isn't what I picture as a thirty year old Reid.  The hand holding the jacket does not match the body.)

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