Monday, September 12, 2016

Inarticulate by Eden Summers

Savannah is sent to Seattle when the sale of one of her company's under producing hotels is going bad quickly.  The team for the group buying the hotel is playing dirty and the team leader is Savannah's cousin Penny.  Naturally, her boss feels it is an excellent idea to send Savannah.  Too bad Savannah hasn't seen her cousin since they were in High School and Savannah kissed the guy her cousin liked.

At a family dinner, Savannah meets the enigmatic Keenan.  Even though Keenan won't talk to her, they communicate and the sparks fly between them.  Despite being warned off of Keenan by her cousin Dominic for one reason and his sister Penny for a much more personal reason, Savannah won't end their relationship.

When I read "The End", I was wiped out.  This book is an emotional roller coaster.  There were pages I wanted to yell at Savannah for not seeing what was right in front of her.  OMG!  You know who Penny works for.  Put two and two together!  And you walk out because he can sing?!  Then other pages I wanted to yell at Penny because she lost her chance and is messing with other people's lives over some petty BS with Savannah that is one sided!  Then, I wanted to slap Dominic because he knew everything but didn't tell Savannah.  Just give vague hints to Savannah.  Talk about being set up!

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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