Monday, September 12, 2016

Her Gentle Giant Part 1: No Regrets by Heather Rainier

Rachel Lopez was the statuesque beauty that helped Grace with Patricia the Psycho in "Her Divine Grace."  Eli Wolf is part of the security team for The Dancing Pony Night Club in Divine, Texas.  When he met Rachel Lopez, he fell hard.  Rachel is attracted to Eli but when he asks her out, She turns him down.  Rachel knows she has a jealous streak and won't be able to handle the women flocking to Eli.  She thinks she can't compete with the skinny women that won't leave Eli alone.

Eli is one of my favorite heroes in this series.  While this is Eli and Rachel's story, there is a lot of Grace and her men in this story.  This novel and Divine Grace are the foundations for this series.

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