Monday, September 5, 2016

Divine Grace by Heather Rainier

Grace Stuart has been living her life to please others.  She let her boyfriend, Owen, move in to the house her mother left her.  Now, he is nothing but a sponge.  Grace has been lusting after the son of one of her customers at the department store she works at part time.  When Rose Marie passes away, Grace supports Jack and meets his two friends, Adam and Ethan.  Before long, Jack, Adam, and Ethan convince Grace that she can be free of her abusive boyfriend and they will take care of her.  They teach Grace that she deserves to be desired and loved by three men.

It is pure escapism and you have to suspend reality to enjoy this book.   Way too much gift giving for reality.  The jewelry, lingerie and furniture!  Wow!  These guys kept the economy of Divine going during their courtship of Grace.  How do three guys with full time jobs have the time to also run a working ranch/stud farm?  It was over the top campy, but it was fun.

That said, I can suspend reality and was hooked on this book by the end of the first chapter.  Jack, Adam, and Ethan are amazing.  I love how each man has a different but equal connection with Grace.

On a side note - I wish Book Strand would stop with the badly photo-shopped covers.  They are embarrassing.  I bought this book as the boxed set and the cover is more milder.  Some of the covers in this series are way over the top.  I want "milder" covers.  I buy for content/synopsis not photo.  I do read in public places had have had to shield my e-reader from other people seeing the covers.

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