Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wallflower Gone Wild by Maya Rodale

After four seasons of being on the marriage mart, Lady Olivia Archer has been labeled as "Prissy Missy" and one of "London's Least Likely" and had a gentleman jump into shrubbery to escape her (and her mother).  Olivia finally sees her dream man when she is pushed into him by one of her former classmates.  The next morning, Olivia is stunned to discover that their is a marriage proposal.  When she discoverers that it is Lord Radcliffe, "The Mad Barron" that seeks her hand, she vows to do everything scandalous to avoid having to marry him.  Phinn has been vilified in the press for murdering his first wife after he caused the death of his older brother and gained the title.  He is an inventor and is in town to build a Difference Engine for the Great Exibition.

The escapades that Olivia has while trying to not marry Phinn are hilarious.  She gets drunk at Almacks because her friend spikes the lemonade then Phinn's friend spikes it!  Phinn takes her for a picnic and she gets drunk on the wine.  When they get married, Olivia's mother visits her at the hotel they are staying at outraged that her daughter is living in a hotel.  She finds some one of the "naughty" periodicals that Phinn's friend left in the room.

If you read the first book in the series, it is fun to see Olivia's BFF Emma and her husband the Duke of Ashbrook. 

I am a huge fan of Maya Rodale.  All of her books are great romances with a touch of humor.  This series started out great with "The Wicked Wallflower" for Emma's story.  Next, is Prudence's story.  Can't wait!

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