Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dancing with a Devil by Julie Johnstone

Lady Audrey Cringlewood is a strong, determined young woman who does not want a typical ton marriage of convince.  She longs to be loved by her husband as she was never loved by her father and her brother.  Lord Trent Rutherford was a spy and was betrayed by his French wife, leading to his imprisonment and torture.  However, it seems only his friend and fellow spy, the Duke of Dinnisfree know he was married.  When he escaped and returned to England, Rutherford thought his wife was dead.   Lady Audrey is the friend of his cousins, Ladies Whitney and Gillian.  Rutherford isn't looking for an innocent miss.  When he kisses her at a ball and she finally tells him she is an innocent,  he declares they should be friends.

While I thought the book was well written, I felt like I was joining a play after the first intermission.  There is just so much that is thrown at the reader during the novel.  From Trent constantly waffling between "just friends" and "I don't want anybody else to have her" to Lord Thortonberry who starts out as a villain because he goes to a new demirep each night only to disclose that he is looking for a half brother, then is a semi villin because he wants Audrey because his now deceased older brother kissed her years ago after he had told his brother he loved Audrey.  And, the drama with Audrey's cruel father who doesn't love Audrey and never loved her mother causing her mother to take a lethal dose of laudanum.  He finds Trent doing a little more than kissing Audrey on a balcony and starts a fight, causing a fatal heart attack.  Audrey's scumbag brother leaves her in poverty because their father was in debt.  Yet, he was able to leave his true love and their daughter well off.  

I am giving this book 3 stars because it is well written.  I just need to read the first two so I can fill in the missing pieces.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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