Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Passionately Yours by Cara Elliott

The last book of the "Hellions of High Street" series did not disappoint.  While I loved the connection with the second book, Sinfully Yours, Passionately Yours can stand alone.

As Passionately Yours opens, Carolina or Caro Sloane is in Bath with her mother.  Caro and a friend, Isobel Urquehart are out walking when they are attacked by what they think are bandits.  Caro and Isobel are rescued by Alec McClellan, Lord Strathcona.  Caro had first met Alec at the house party in Sinfully Yours. There was tension between Caro and Alec then.  Caro wasn't thrilled to find that her friend's older half brother is the man that aggravated her at the house party.  And, Alec isn't thrilled to see Caro.  The tension slowly starts to turn into sparks which ignite into a true passion. 

I loved the character development between Caro and Alec.  The secondary characters/romance between Isobel and Lord Andover is well written.

Passionately Yours was a wonderful end to this series.


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