Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Scandalous Marriage by Cathy Maxwell

With sort of a Romeo and Juliet vibe, the plot is much different than any romance I have read before. 

Devon Marshall, Viscount Huxhold asked Leah Carrollton at a ball and immediately felt a connection.  His friends thought it was funny that he didn't know that Leah was the daughter of his family's most bitter enemy.  He courts her in secret and when she turns him down, he is devastated and heads to his estate in Scotland.  Leah finds out that her mother has arranged a marriage for her and lets herself be seduced by a scoundrel.  When Leah gets pregnant, her mother won't let her keep the baby so she runs away.  

Nine months later, Devon has been summoned home to his grandfather's death bed when his horse throws a shoe.  He leads his horse to the nearest cottage where he finds a hugely pregnant Leah.  When she goes into early labor, Devon steps up and sees he through a difficult childbirth. 

I loved the writing of the character's emotions.  During Leah's difficult childbirth, you could feel Devon's pain.  He clearly still loved her and was devastated that she might die.  In the beginning, Leah was a shallow debutante and as the book progressed, she grew into a strong woman.

The twists and turns of their courtship even though they were married was sweet.  And Devon's family added an extra spark.

This book was amazing from the beginning to the end!

Five out of five stars!!!

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