Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Pirate and The Puritan by Cheryl Howe

This Book was originally published in 2003.  It didn't need it be republished.  I didn't like this book from the first chapter.  Puritan Felicity Kendall goes to Barbados to help her dad in his shipping business.  The male lead said in the first chapter that he wanted to throttle Felicity.  Well, so did I.  I went back to my library and found a different book to read.  The only good thin about this book was they changed the cover.

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  1. Hi Laura - Don't want to criticise the author because I know how much work goes into writing any book. And I haven't read it, in the old edition or the new. My complaint is against myself - I should have searched for the title before my own "The Pirate And The Puritan" was published in 2007!