Sunday, November 17, 2013

Between Friends by Vristen Pierce

This was a short erotic novel.  The basic synopsis is that Stacy Washington was dumped by her long-time boyfriend.  She has been a good girl too long and this break up is her opportunity to shed that image.  Stacy goes to one of the hottest night clubs in town in search of action.  She meets Evan and Justin, both not her normal types. 

I have two main criteria for the erotic novels (or any novel) I read and this book didn’t meet either one. 
First,99% of the time, I don’t read books written in the first person.  I have actually returned a book that I found was written in the first person.  And, when it is an erotic novel, I find it unsettling to read a first person account of extremely hot action. 

Second, like all romance novels, they MUST have a HEA.  When I read the first paragraph and saw it was written in first person, I gave it the “test”.  I went to the last chapter to see if I liked the ending and could attempt to read the book.  The main character goes back to her ex-boyfriend! 

Sorry, this book isn’t for me.  I had to give it one star on GoodReads.  For my blog, I won't even rate it because I couldn't get past the first p
I received this book courtesy of Net Galley in an exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for the opportunity!

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