Friday, December 4, 2015

The Pirate's Tempting Stowaway by Erica Ridley

Clara Halton had sent her daughter, Grace, to England to claim her dowry.  Grace's fiancée, the Earl of Carlisle hired former privateer Captain Blackheart to bring Clara to England.  Blackheart arrives in Clara's village and is told by the postmaster that she has consumption.  When he finds her house, he discovers that the elderly lady he was expecting is closer in age to himself and she doesn't have consumption.  Eventhiugh Clara is sick, she still has gumption and threatens Blackheart with a pistol until he convinces her that he is going to take her to England.  Over the voyage to England, Clara and Blackheart fight their attraction.  After Clara is reunited with her daughter and parents, she realizes that she needs the adventure she had with Blackheart.

This was a delightful addition to the "Dukes of War" series.  I had been hoping that Blakheart would get his own novel and I was not disappointed.  I liked the older hero and heroine and the pure romance of this novel.  The crew of the Dark Crystal were wonderful to Clara.  Blackheart is a true Duke of War and deserved his own HEA.

I received this ARC from Erica Ridley via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you very much.

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