Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Brazen Bargain by Laura Trentham

Lady Minerva Bellingham's younger brother is a spoiled brat.  He became the Duke of Bellingham at a young age and they only had a tutor to raise them.  Simon has gotten himself in with the wrong type of friends.  Viscount Hampton is all too willing to find gambling parlors for Simon to loose his fortune.  Unfortunately for Hampton, Lord Rafe Drummond figures out what is going on.  When Simon looses Minerva's dowry to him, Rafe intends to teach him a lesson.  However, Minerva is the one that visits Rafe the next day.  Rafe dislikes Minerva.  She is his sister's best friend and the one that he felt was a bad influence.  Rafe feels that Simon just needs somebody to give him the guidence he never and and Simon will make a wonderful Duke.  Rafe proposes that Simon and Minerva work for him for three months at his estate.

Minerva not only quickly learns how to be a housemaid, she excels at it.  Every time Rafe finds her in his room, he realizes that after his years of service to the Crown, no decent woman would ever want him.  Minerva slowly starts to fall in love with Rafe even as he attempts to keep her at arms length  When Hampton attempts to destroy everything that Simon has worked for by destroying Minerva, Rafe can no longer remain impartial.

This was the first book by Laura Trentham that I have read.  I was intrigued by the plot synopsis and it did not disappoint from page one to the end.  Rafe is wonderful as the tortured hero.  Minerva is extremely intelligent, witty and not afraid of Rafe.  She actually hates him in the beginning of the novel.  There were points in the novel that I just wanted to smack Simon for being stupid and not seeing Hampton for what he was.

I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Thank You.

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