Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Reckless Rendezvous (Reckless Beat 4.5) by Eden Summers

Leah kissed Ryan.  Ryan, her best friend, Reckless Beat rhythm guitarist, and MARRIED.  As band manager, Leah has done everything for Reckless Beat since she became their manager. To preserve her sanity and career, she turns off her cell phone and heads to Las Vegas.  She got a piercing done by Logan during a bridal shower dare between guys and girls.  Leah wants to see if the attraction was mutual and to erase the years of loving Ryan.

First, this is a novella, only 63 pages on my app.  Second, if you haven't read the entire series, go back and read the four books prior, then read this.  After I read the novel, I just sat and processed.  For only being 63 pages, it packed quite a wallop.  Leah's trip to Vegas almost combusted my e-reader.  But, it didn't resolve anything.  I was so torn.  Part of me wants Ryan to resolve his issues and have a HEA with Leah.  Part of me wants Logan (and possibly Cole) to find Leah and have a HEA.  I will just have to wait for book 5.

I received this ARC from Eden Summers.  Thank you for the pleasure of reading this great novella.

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