Friday, November 13, 2015

Miss Featherton's Christmas Prince

Meg Featherton has had bad luck with her suitors the past two seasons. One had sexual proclivities that were not suited for a gently bred lady. The second had a mistress and children. Meg decided to leave love completely out of the marriage equation and marry for suitability.  She has found her perfect candidate, Viscount Throughgood. He is perfect except that his best friend Lord Hawksworth is a dandy and pursuing her best friend Amanda.

Meg is so caught up in protecting her best friend Amanda from Lord Hawksworth that she can't see that Amanda and Viscount Throughgood are perfect for eachother.  While attempting to protect Amanda from Hawksworth, Hawksworth starts to woo Meg.

Last Season, Hawksworth was introduced to Meg, except she fell for Unsuitable Suitor #2 before Hawksworth could pursue her further. Now, they are all headed to Hawksworth's godmother's house party for Christmas and he can make his move.

In the beginning of the book, I kept thinking if Meg didn't want Hawksworth, I would love to have him. He was a wonderful hero.  I felt sorry for Meg and her poor track record with suitors.  The secondary plot of Chuffy and Amanda added to the romance of the novel.

As much as I loved this novel, the plot line of how Hawksworth's father, the Duke, did not like him needed a better resolution or didn't need to be as wishy-washy.  Throughout the novel, we learn how the Duke treated Hawksworth, sent his heir to war, made his eldest half-brother his factor.  Then, we learn that the Duke really loves Hawksworth, he is just afraid to loose him like he lost his first wife.  And, at the end, the Duke resumes being a jerk and attempts to disrupt Hawksworth's marriage to Meg and doesn't attend.  Either have the Duke hate him until the end of the novel or have a wonderful scene where the Duke changes and fixes the relationship.

I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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