Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bearing It All by Vonnie Davis

Ronan Matheson has escaped to his remote Highland retreat.  He has let his inner bear out when Anisa Brosseau parachutes onto the bear.  When he is back in human form, Ronan is intrigued by Anisa, whom he knew in Paris years ago.  Ronan has to figure out if Anisa is telling the truth about being framed for treason.  When her enemies find her, Ronan does everything to protect his woman.

I will admit that I was hooked at "A Highlander's Obsession".  I hadn't read any shifter romance novels before and I was in love with Creighton.  (He is on my top 10 list of book boyfriends.)  I received the ARC for "Bearing It All" and I gave a happy squeeee.  Ronan is the quiet brother.  His father's death hit him hard and he is reluctant to find his mate.  I liked how Anisa reached out to Ronan's inner bear.  This novel had hot sex, intrigue and humor.  Nothing like Effie and her pink baffies to liven up a novel!   And Effie reading to Anisa had me laughing so hard my kids thought I was crazy.  I have the publish date marked on my calendar so I can buy it and I am waiting for Hot Cop Kendric to get his own novel! This series has been wonderful.

I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you very much!!

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