Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sultry Groove by Eden Summers

I absolutely love this series.  Normally, I read Historical and am very picky about the few Contemporary that I read.  When I found the first novel, "Blind Attraction", I didn't stop reading until I was done.  I was blown out of the water.  The book was everything I look for.  It was entertaining with the dialogue between band members, the sex scenes were erotic and well written.  You wanted to be friends with the heroine yet were jealous of her because of her man.  I quickly read the next four and they too did not disappoint.

I have been waiting for "Sultry Groove" since I read Mason and Sidney's story.  The drummer for the band, Sean Taiden, has been in love with the woman that co-wrote their songs, Sidney Higgins for years.  He had a three-way with her and Mason, then lost her for four years when the sex tape went viral.  Now that Mason has reclaimed her, Sean is devastated.  He is having to attend their engagement party and pretend nothing is wrong.  He gets thoroughly drunk as the party progresses.  The band manager, Leah, introduces Melody Jenkins to the members of the band and finds Sean passed out.  Sean is tired of being the guy in the background, the one that groupies have sex with in hopes he hooks them up with the frontmen.  Sean has asked to star in the video for their new single Fighting Against the Attraction.  Melody is the choreographer.  She has quit dancing after a tragic accident and now runs a dance studio.  Once Sean is semi-sober, the attraction between them is immediate.  Melody is someone he can use to forget Sidney.  If he can only remember her name.

Did I say that I have been hooked since the first book?  I was reading something else but put it down as soon as I got this ARC.  I was not disappointed.  The interaction between band members is always hilarious.  The reader is left knowing that they are more than a band, they are family.  The guys support Sean and Sean respects Mason and does not want to destroy his relationship with Sidney as much as it rips out his heart.  Melody has her own scars that she must get past.  The story develops and holds the readers attention.  The characters develop as we get more depth from Sean.

This is a series that I have re-read several times.  I love Eden Summers edgy writing style.  While each book has a different member of the band to focus on, the other members still play a part.  I have been waiting for Ryan to have his HEA with Leah since book one.  The sad thing is I know once Ryan's book is written, the series is over.

I received this book as an ARC from the author, Eden Summers, in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you very much for the honor of reading this novel.

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