Thursday, January 1, 2015

Letters to Emily by Stacy Reid

I have loved Stacy Reid's books since I received "The Duke's Shotgun Wedding" as an ARC.  (I will admit that I thought that "The Irresistible Miss Peppiwell" should have been published first.)  When I got Stacy's newsletter, I immediately purchased "Letters to Emily"

This novel is set at the end of WWI.  Lady Emmeline Isabella Langford has to get over the death of her fiance Maxwell Wynwood.  When they received the news of Maxwell's death, Emmeline was devistated, but Marcellus knew Max wasn't dead because of the bond between the twins.  Marcellus is the Marquess of Blackthorn, heir to the Duke of Harcourt.  For the title, Marcellus needs to be the one to marry Emmeline.  Now, it is up to him to convince Emmeline to marry him and accept the relationship the twins want to have with her.

This novel is so darn hot that I was waiting for my e-reader to melt!  I loved how the relationship between Emmeline and Marcellus developed as the reader is being shown the romance between Maxwell and Emmeline through the letters Max wrote her. I just wish that it was longer than 74 pages!  There is just so much more that could have been in the novel.  Also, Maxwell and Marcellus's parents have the same type of relationship (the Duke, his brother and the Duchess). Yet it isn't talked about much in the novel.

I loved the setting.  It isn't hard to imagine that Emmeline and Marcellus could be guests of the Crawley/Downton Abbey family at a garden party.  I can almost see them strolling across the lawn.  Let's see this added to Season Six!

Again, Stacy Reid has written a wonderful novel.

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