Friday, January 2, 2015

How to Plan a Wedding For a Royal Spy by Vanessa Kelly

Captain William Endicott and his friend/cousin Captain Alasdair Gilbide have returned to London after war to receive a summons from Will's father, the Duke of York.  Both Will and Alasdair are spies and royal bastards.  Now, they have been recruited to stop a royal assassination attempt that his first love, Evelyn Whitney, daughter of Lord and Lady Reese, is suspected of being involved in via her fiance.

Will and Evie were neighbors growing up and Evie had fallen in love with him.  Four years go, he joined the army and abandoned her.  Now, as Evie is finally starting to think about marriage after Will abandoned he, Will has to get himself back in her good graces to make sure she isn't involved in the plot and at the same time figure out who is involved and stop the plot.

I have read other books in the Renegade Royals series and found this one to be as well written and whitty as the othes.  I loved the opening interview between the Duke of York and Will and Alasdair.  There was humor and it quickly established the plot.   Evie was a heroine that the reader could cheer on.  She was always in her twin Eden's shadow because Eden excelled at every activity she engaged in.  Evie was the twin that got yelled at by their mother and Eden got called a "naughty puss".  I liked seeing Evie's confidence grow as the novel progresses.

Another great "Royal" novel from Vanessa Kelly.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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