Monday, September 1, 2014

Misadventures in Seduction (A Masquerading Mistresses Novella) by Robyn DeHart

Prudence Hixby and her brother, Johnston, are raising their siblings when Johnston decides to join the War.  Prudence is upset because she needs him to help with.  She seeks the help of a gentleman that has been interested in her before and trades her virginity to keep Johnston safe.  However, unknown to Prudence, she ends up in the wrong bed.  Harrison Carlisle, the Duke of Sutcliffe has desired Prudence for a while, but can't court her because he is a spy for the Crown.  Harrison recruits Johnston into his agency, but when Johnston is killed Prudence blames him.

I hate the term "novella".  To me, that is a story stuck in an anthology where the reader is left wondering where the rest of the story is.  But, since it is printed on the cover, I guess I will have to use the word.  This NOVELLA is very well written.  I loved the characters of Prudence and Harrison.  Prudence is a strong woman that willingly sacraficed her marriage prospects to raise her siblings.  When she meets Harrison, she doesn't like him but that is because she is attracted to him.  Harrison is just a great guy.  He knows he wants Prudence, but can't have her because of his dangerous occupation.

Apparently, this is the third of the series, yet, it read wonderfully as a stand alone.  Robyn DeHart is a wonderful author.  I can't wait to get the first two!

So far, I have been thrilled with the quality of authors from Entangled Publishing.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and Entangled Publishing.  Thank you for the opportunity to read a wonderful book.

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