Sunday, August 24, 2014

What a Duke Desires by Anna Campbell

Camden Rothermere, Marquess of Pembridge, has known Penelope Thorne since childhood.  She is one of the few girls that he felt comfortable around.  When he proposes to her, he is shocked that she questions why he wants to marry her.  After all, the Thornes have a reputation for trouble and what girl in her right mind would say no when she could be the Duchess of Sedgemoor?  When Penelope says no, she leaves with her aunt on a tour of Europe.  Nine years later, Penelope and Camden are reunited when Camden promises her brother on his death bed to see Penelope safely to England.

On their return to England, Pen and Cam encounter every type of obstacle imaginable. They are finally forced to marry to save Pen's reputation when the yacht they are on sinks and the local magistrate is a minor lord that Cam knows assumes they are married.

I loved how Camden had to finally realize that he loved Penelope and would do anything to keep her.  Penelope needed that unconditional love.  This was a great read from beginning to end.

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