Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Heir by Grace Burrowes

I had received "The Captive" by Grace Burrows as an ARC.  When I realized who the author was, I was groaning.  I had attempted to read several of her "Lonely Lords" series but for some reason, I couldn't get past the first chapter.  I think I had left my brain somewhere else.  By the first chapter of "The Captive", I was hooked.  I went to Ms. Burrows website to find the first book she had written and found "The Heir".  So, I went to my library's website and reserved "The Heir".  There were four other people on hold prior to me for one electronic copy.  By the time I got "The Heir", I had been sent the ARC for "The Traitor".  I ended up reading "The Heir" and "The Traitor" simultaneously.

The Hero, Gale Windham, Earl of Westhaven is the second son and now heir to the Duke of Moreland.  The Duke is not the typical English father.  He is loves meddling in his children's business.  Windham is attempting to pull himself out of grief for his older brother Bartholomew.

Windham is brained by a fireplace poker by his housekeeper, Anna Seaton, because she thinks he was groping the chambermaid.  Windham extracts his revenge on Mrs. Seaton by being a terrible patient.  As his wounds heal, Windham realizes that he has fallen in love with Mrs. Seaton.

Anna Seaton is the granddaughter of an Earl.  Her parents had died and Anna and her siblings were raised by her grandparents.  Her older brother has gotten himself in debt and arranged a marriage with a man that Anna found unsavory.  Anna and her sister, Morgan, are fleeing their brother.  As the relationship with Windham slowly progresses, he begins to realize that his Anna has a secret.

I was simply enthralled with "The Heir".  I find that Grace Burrows gives readers characters that are well drawn out.  Windham has his faults but is thoroughly likeable.  Anna is a strong woman that knows what she wants.  I loved the bond of family between Windham and St. Just and Valentine.

This book was borrowed from my local library.  I am grateful they have the extensive collection of novels by Grace Burrowes.

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