Tuesday, December 27, 2016

For Love and Country by Samantha Kane

Lord Ambrose Wetherald is the consummate English gentleman.  He discovers that Melinda de Vere is missing.  She is being held in a brothel  by her husband and being used by his business acquaintances.  Lord Ambrose appeals to Sir Barnabas James to rescue Melinda.   Barnabas has one condition - that Ambrose repay the favor in bed.

Nobody does erotic historical like Samantha Kane.  I love the Brothers in Arms series and have re-read them all several times.  I was thrilled that Ms Kane had written another BiA novel

Sir Barnabas has been a minor character in several of the novels.  I was thrilled that he got his own novel.  There was a character evolution from him being cold and calculating to being a lover and much softer to Mel and Ambrose.  Ambrose melted my heart.  He is a perfect book boyfriend.  Dashing and elegant and he helps to soften Barnabas's edge.  I was ripped apart during the first part of the book before Mel was rescued.  I loved how the support from Barnabas and Ambrose helped Mel to heal and become a strong woman.  I loved the connection between characters.

This was a novel that I had to start when I had a whole day to devote to reading it.  I knew once I started reading, I would not put it down.

This novel is so well written.  There are other historical romances that I have read that I wondered if the author even knew anything about the time period.  When I read a Samantha Kane historical, I know I can immerse myself in the story and feel like I am in that time period.

Thank you for another Brothers in Arms novel!

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