Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Stormswept by Sabrina Jeffries

This is a story of betrayal.  Juliana St. Albans is the daughter of the Earl of Northcliffe. Juliana's father has won the Vaughn's estate Llyndd in a card game and devistated, Mr. Vaughn commits suicide.  Rhys and Juliana meet at a rally for Welsh rights.  Eventhough there is anamosity toward the English Juliana over what her father did, Rhys still falls in love with her.  They elope and Juliana stupidly leaves a note in her room.  Her brothers do not want her married to a Welsh radical so they find Rhys and Juliana at the local inn.  They sell Rhys to a press gang (along with his friend) and bribe the innkeeper to lie.

Six years later, Juliana has found out hat Rhys died in a shipwreck.  She has kept her marriage secret at her father's request.  Her brothers want her in an advantageous marriage.  They are just about to announce her engagement when Rhys walks in.

This is a reissue of a revised novel.  It was originally published in 1995 under the pseudonym Deborah Martin.

Sabrina Jeffries is one of my favorite authors.  However, this novel left me mad.  When Rhys returned, Juliana's brothers were still sticking with their lies and no matter how much Juliana told Rhys the truth, he believed them.  SHE WAITED SIX YEARS FOR HIM and he still won't believe her.  I had a line of people I wanted to smack for Juliana, starting with Rhys followed by her brothers.  That would be after I shook Juliana and told her to wake up and leave the ass.

I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you.

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