Monday, March 14, 2016

The Forbidden Duke by Darcy Burke

Nine years ago, Eleanor Lockhart was sent home from her season in London in disgrace and ruin.  After her father looses the last of their money he has to move to a cottage in his sister's sheep meadow and there is no room for Eleanor.  She obtains the position of a paid companion to Lady Satterfield, the stepmother of Titus St. John, Duke of Kendal.

Nine years ago, Kendal was a wild rake.  He was the one that encouraged his friend to take what he could get away with.  Now, Kendal is known as the Forbidden Duke and is only seen in Society once a year at his stepmother's ball.  Lady Satterfield decides that she is going to sponsor Eleanor and pushes Kendal to attend functions so Eleanor can gain popularity.  Kendal slowly realizes that he is more interested in Eleanor than his mistress.  Will Kendal save Eleanor or will she save him?

I received this novel as an ARC from NetGalley.  When I was done, I immediately pre-ordered it.  I just loved how well written the characters were including the supporting characters.  Every wallflower could use a Lady Satterfield to help them.  The novel could have taken a drastic turn when Eleanor found out the role Kendal played in her disgrace.  She saw Kendal for the man that he was then not in the past.

This novel was just a pure delight to read.  It was perfect.

I received this ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!

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