Sunday, November 23, 2014

His Wicked Seduction: League of Rogues, Book 2 by Lauren Smith

Horatia Sheridan has loved her brother's friend, Lucien Russell, the Marquess of Rochester, since she was fourteen.  Lucien had pulled her from the coach wreck that had killed her parents.  However, Lucien has buried his feelings for Horatia because "League Rule 2" is "one must never seduce another member's sister."  When Lucien was at Cambridge, he formed The League of Rogues with four other men:  Cedric, Viscount Sheridan (and Horatia's brother), Godrick, Charles and Ashton.  Throughout the book, there are various hints that something happened at Cambridge with Hugo Waverly.  As the novel opens, Horatia is shopping with a footman an Lucien and Charles are following her.  A coach that was shadowing Lucien suddenly attempts to run him over as Lucien is approaching Horatia.  Lucien pushes her out of the way.  This seems to spark the feelings that he has buried.  When the League decides to keep Cedric and his sisters safe, they send them to Lucien's estate.

I thought this novel stood out from the rest of the genre.  To start, Lucien is into dominance and tying up his lovers.  Horatia lays her feelings for Lucien out and he didn't immediately reciprocate and there is the HEA.  Lucien had to work for his HEA.  There were also times that I forgot who the main characters were because the supporting characters were so well written.  The scene between Ashton and Lady Melbourne should be in it's own book.  I know that this series is "League of Rogues", but I really would like to see a series on Lucien's siblings.  I liked how the reader only gets hints of why Waverly wants revenge.  It is something that will be disclosed novel after novel and not repeated each time to "catch up" the reader.

I received this novel as an ARC from NetGalley.  I will be purchasing this novel and the first League of Rogues novel.

As said, I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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