Sunday, June 29, 2014

Knight of Love by Catherine LaRoche

I had this little thing called "life" interrupt my reading for a while.  During that time, Knight of Love was on my NetGalley shelf and I hadn't downloaded it before it got archived.  So, I went to B&N and bought the book. I was extremely glad that I didn't blow the book off.

The book is set in the midst of a German revolution.  As it opens, Prince Kurt von Rotenburg-Gruelsadt is having his stable master flog his fiancee, Lady Lenora Trevelayn in front of the village.  When he calls a halt to the flogging, he has the blacksmith carry Lenora to her room in an attempt to further humiliate her.  Lenora shows her strength by walking to her room.  Since her parents left prior to the wedding, Prince Kurt has shown his true colors as a sadistic monster who physically abuses her at every opportunity.  Weeks later, Lenora finds a way to escape and ends up with her true Knight, Wolfram von Wolfsbach und Ravensworth. Wolfram is half English and German like Lenora and is the Earl of Ravensworth.

Over all, I would give the book 3.75 stars.  I can't go higher because as much as I liked the book, there were way too many things that irritated me. In 1848, Lenora's parents just left her at her fiancees castle before the marriage.   There wasn't a reason given for them having settled the marriage contract and returning to England only to return for the wedding.  I don't imagine that travel across Europe was that easy in 1848.

Wolfram could have been dialed back a bit.  There were some sections that he was just over the top.  I pictured him as this huge muscle bound guy, kind of out of place for the time period.  One minute, he wanted to be a Knight of the Round Table, the next he was attempting to get in touch with his feminine side by being a romantic.

I just didn't find a purpose for the anal sex scene at the end of the novel.  Was this supposed to be an erotic historical novel?  Was it to show that Lenora fully trusted Wolfram?  It felt like the author was up against a deadline and couldn't figure out another way to end the novel.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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