Sunday, May 4, 2014

Never Entice an Earl by Lily Dalton

The book opens with a prologue which introduces our hero Cormack Northmore arriving home after being in Bengal for several years.  He arrives just in time for his sister to die after giving birth.  She leaves a clue to the father of her child.  Due to the scandal, their neighbor renigs on the agreement to sell back the land Cormack's father sold due to debts.  Fast forward two years - Cormack and his father now have titles.  Cormack is going to use it to find the man who dishonored his sister.  He follows a lead and ends up at the Blue Swan.  Daphne Bevington is attempting to help her maid Kate.  Kate's father has borrowed money from the owner of the Black Swan.  Kate has made arrangements to pay it off.  When she gets sick, Daphne goes in her place.  Daphne meets Cormack.

Overall, I liked the book.  However, I had some issues with the two main characters.  Daphne has declaired that she isn't going to get married because she feels guilty over her father's death.  Yet, she jumps into bed with Cormack saying that if she is going to be the unmarried aunt, she will have a secret.  And Cormack is hunting for the man that dishonored his sister yet as soon as he meets Daphne he pushes it to the back burner.  The ending was a little thrown together.  Daphne is abducted by a man that was obcessed with her.  After Cormack rescues her (with her brother-in-law), they go to his family's house.  And, shocker, discover that Daphne's deceased brother had married Cormack's sister.

I received this book as an ARC from NetGalley.

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